What is DoMyStuff?

It is what it says – I will do your stuff and it’s as simple as that!

Time is precious to each and every one of us – some more than others.  We all have that “to do” list that we keep adding to and never crossing anything off.  It just may be that we simply haven’t got the time or they are jobs that we really can’t get motivated to do.  Like me clearing out my garage (I currently have the voice of my husband in my ear telling me I have too much stuff in there)!!

Well give me your “to do” list and I will start crossing off those tedious tasks. I might even encourage you to think of new “to dos” that I can complete for you in order to make your life that little bit easier – because who doesn’t want that?

No job is too small and most things will be considered. Take a look at my services page to give you an idea of what I could do for you.  If what you want isn’t on the list just drop me a line to discuss.

If you are wondering why I have set up this business venture rather than go back into HR full time, here’s why……




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