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Someone asked me recently what differentiates me from all the other Virtual Assistants out there that offer a very similar service.  The answer to that questions is simple…….ME!

Now I am not very good at blowing my own trumpet, but in such a competitive world you need a USP and as this business is primarily based upon trust it’s important to get to know the person that you will (hopefully) trust with your business.  Perhaps if I start by explaining how I got here, why I have started out on this journey, you will see that I am not just ANOTHER Virtual Assistant.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to give you my whole life story and list my skills (you can read that on my LinkedIn profile). You don’t need to hear how I worked at McDonalds when I was at college (my waistline never recovered!), or how I started my “proper” career as a Recruitment Consultant (too boring to go into) or how I once owned a French Gourmet Food business (which I loved but was a dropped stitch in life’s tapestry). You just need to know that every step in my career, every life choice, has led me to this moment, this epiphany, to do something for ME and my family.

After a successful start to my career in HR my life changed in an instant on the 10th of December 2014. That was the day that my wonderful daughter arrived into this world a whole three months early.  A very tiny, very poorly, very beautiful little girl that completely rocked my world. Cue two years of spending every moment with her, being her Mother, her Carer and her Friend. Wrapping her in cotton wool, keeping her away from germs, and raising a relatively healthy and very happy two year old (that now goes to nursery!).

Now comes the big dilemma.  Do I go back to my career in HR working all hours of the day for a company that may or may not appreciate me OR do I continue what I started all of those years ago and have my own business that I love and spend more time with a Husband and Daughter that I KNOW appreciate me.  It was a no brainer really!

Next question.  How do I become successful in a very competitive virtual world? All my skills and experience lead me towards being a Virtual Assistant, doing a job that I love and helping small businesses, entrepreneurs and people like me to run their own businesses, achieve their own dreams.

In a nutshell I am just a working mum, with a certain set of skills (not quite like Liam Neeson though!*) wanting to make a difference and help other small businesses. I thrive on organising multiple tasks at any one time, using all my skills and experience on different projects for different clients.  No day should ever be the same and nor would I want it to be!

So here I am.  Business Owner. Doer of stuff.

*One for the film fans amongst you!


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