As the darker nights close in and there is a hint of Autumn in the air, it’s time to say goodbye to the Summer. We also wave goodbye to long evenings spent enjoying the garden with a BBQ and a cold drink. Now is the time of year that […]

Autumn Nights

  How much is your time worth? If you are working long hours in your business and constantly working to fight those fires that keep flaring up, how much is it worth to have someone to help you to put them out? Have you thought about hiring a Virtual Assistant/PA […]

Virtually Everywhere

christmas-present-596300_1920 1
  OK this is probably going to make me a bit unpopular but I am going to say it anyway…..CHRISTMAS! The mince pies are already in the shops and you are probably in the process of stockpiling tins of Quality Streets and Roses – but won’t admit to it yet!  […]

The “C” Word

  Enjoy your Lunch! Ask yourself this…..what would you rather be doing? Sitting in the park enjoying a sandwich and a nice cold drink or rushing into town to run those errands that should only take five minutes but will eat up your whole lunch hour? I can guess what […]

Enjoy Your Lunch!

It is what it says – I will do your stuff and it’s as simple as that! Time is precious to each and every one of us – some more than others.  We all have that “to do” list that we keep adding to and never crossing anything off.  It […]

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