What Stuff?

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Have you ever thought “I just wish I had someone to do my stuff for me?” By stuff I mean all of those jobs that you simply haven’t got time to do yourself or keep putting off until “tomorrow”. Time is such a valuable resource for all of us and I can be that person who does that “stuff” and hopefully free up your time so you can go and do something more interesting instead. I can even organise that interesting stuff for you too!

I am a freelance HR Qualified, Virtual Assistant.  Whether you are self-employed or a small to medium sized business, I can help you with your HR and Admin support requirements.

I focus on assisting mobile professionals, entrepreneurs and small/medium businesses that require the knowledge and skills of an experienced HR Consultant or Personal Assistant, but only want that assistance when it suits them.  One of the main advantages of using DoMyStuff is complete flexibility. I can work as many or few hours as required and only charge you for the actual time worked. You can use me as a part time employee, for specific projects, or just to cover staff absences or peaks in business activity.

By using DoMyStuff you have no employee costs (NI contributions, holidays, sick pay, pension etc.) and by building a relationship and using me regularly I can provide continuity and a proactive partnership for your business.

I can be the person to lighten the load and make your life a little bit easier.

No job is too small and all requests will be seriously considered as long as they are legal and ethical.